Alien hunter

Alien hunters are giant, extremely powerful alien troops. They are sixty feet tall and have a massive head and four long tentacles with huge pincers. Hunters are very rare and only a handful have been encountered. One hunter appears inside the alien ship as Nomad investigates it. A hunter later appears outside the ice sphere, chasing Nomad and a platoon of marines. This hunter is apparently impervious to damage and kills Major Strickland as he distracts it to let Nomad flee the island. What is assumed to be the same hunter later appears on the USS Constitution, where a special radio wave emitted from Nomad's suit allows him to disable its armor and kill it.

Another hunter appears in Crysis Warhead, where Psycho and the members of Eagle Team fight it. In what is assumed to be a gameplay-related continuity error, Psycho and the Eagle Team members are capable of killing the hunter without any additional equipment. Another hunter, possibly the one later encountered by Nomad, attacks a North Korean jeep and then chases Psycho and Eagle Team to an abandoned mine. Psycho enters the mine while Eagle Team fends it off.

Hunters utilize their enormous size and giant pincers as weapons against the human forces, but can also fire concentrated freeze rays that freeze the player solid and can kill them in one hit if shattered while frozen. They can also fire singularity cannons and throw the player using their tentacles. Hunters also hurl large objects like jeeps through the air, but rarely aim them at the player.

Red alien hunterEdit

A special red-colored variant of the hunter appears as the final boss of Crysis Warhead. Sean O'Neill distracts it while Psycho uses the PAX cannon to destroy it. However, it also possible to destroy the red hunter with conventional weaponry and vehicles. In addition to the normal hunter weapons, the red hunter uses powerful lasers and smart bombs.

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