Alien ship

The alien ship is the mothership of the alien forces. It crash landed on the island on Earth roughly 2 million years ago and was eventually encased in the mountain it crashed into. The aliens inside went dormant until Dr. Rosenthal's team accidentally disturbed it. It slowly began shedding its rock covering, creating an ominous thunderstorm in the process. Nomad worked his way through the ship, encountering unarmored aliens in their natural, zero-gravity enviroment. After he escaped. the ship emitted a giant blast of energy that flash-froze several miles of jungle in a circular radius around the ship. This "ice sphere" eventually expanded to encompass the entire island after Admiral Richard Morrison ordered a nuclear missile to be fired at the island.

While the alien ship is often prominently featured on promotional artwork for the series, the ship never becomes fully uncovered during the events of the series so far.

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