Alien warship

The alien warship is a massive, presumably one-of-a-kind alien vessel that serves as the final boss of Crysis. It is hundreds of feet long and armed with four ice shard turrets and a singularity cannon. Nomad and Prophet first encounter it as it flies out of the alien ship in the ice sphere. Chronologically, it next appears in Crysis Warhead, where Psycho observes it flying out of the ice sphere and dropping off the red hunter, which Psycho successfully destroys. Psycho has a battle with Colonel Ji-Sung Lee on a VTOL, and after he throws Lee out onto the tarmac, the warship disintegrates him and the area around him.

Nomad later observes the warship ramming a frigate protecting the USS Constitution. After Nomad kills a hunter, the warship rises out of the ocean. Nomad destroys its turrets so Psycho and Helena Rosenthal can disable the shields on the warship's wings, which Nomad then destroys using the TAC launcher nuclear grenade device. With its wings gone, the warship moves to hover over the Constitution itself, dropping alien troopers from its underside hatch. Nomad finally destroys the warship by launching a TAC nuclear grenade into the underside hatch, and makes it onto Psycho and Helena's VTOL just as the warship crashes onto the Constitution's flight deck, destroying the entire carrier fleet in a giant whirlpool.

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