"Core" is the seventh mission of Crysis. Having been trapped in the mine, Nomad realizes the only way out is through the alien ship.

Laws of NatureEdit

Nomad tries to make contact with Major Strickland, but no one can get to him in the collapsed mine. Nomad decides to enter the mysterious opening and finds himself in a zero-gravity environment. He floats through the organic hallways of the giant alien craft and witnesses a machine creating the exosuits he saw outside. Nomad then encounters a real, unarmored alien for the first time.


Having encountered the aliens, Nomad works his way through the confusing, dimly lit ship while under constant attack from unarmored aliens and the occasional alien scout exosuit. He eventually finds a strange portal that rushes him through the ship to another room.


Nomad realizes the aliens are building a huge invasion force, and witnesses a giant alien hunter climbing up the walls of the ship. He remembers his helmet is recording a video feed so he can show Strickland what he found. After fighting off dozens of aliens, Nomad finds an exit to the ship that leads out to the mountain.

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