Helena Rosenthal
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Claudia Black
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Dr. Helena Rosenthal
Archaeology team
Archaeology team, Raptor Team

Dr. Helena Rosenthal is a main character in Crysis.




Helena is the daughter of Dr. Rosenthal; she is presumably a doctor of archaeology. She, her father, and the rest of the research team was on the island exacvating what they believed to be evidence of an ancient civilization. One of the members of the team was an undercover CIA agent, indicating the US government was aware of the island's importance. North Korea also learned of the island and sent a massive invasion force to take over the island and turn it into a fortified base. On August 7, 2020, Helena managed to send a distress message to the US government, warning them of the mysterious forces they discovered.

Helena was first shown on the TV monitor in the research dome; she and another team member had been taken hostage by General Ri-Shan Kyong and were being used to make Dr. Rosenthal do research for the Koreans. However, Nomad witnessed the creature Rosenthal was examining emit a freezing blast that killed him and froze the room. Nomad later rescued Helena, killed Kyong, and evacuated her from the mountain. Helena's VTOL crashed in the ensuing battle between the marines and the aliens, and she was rescued again by Nomad and Prophet. She was sent to the USS Constitution, where she reunited with Raptor Team. She engineered Nomad's suit to emit a radio wave that disabled the energy shield of the alien hunter. She and Psycho used a VTOL to help Nomad destroy the alien warship, and the trio barely escaped the ensuing destruction. They decided to return to the island when they received a message from Prophet.

Crysis (comic)Edit

The VTOL crashed on the island, and Nomad, Helena, and Psycho met up with Prophet. Prophet admits that Jacob Hargreave was behind the mission to the island, causing some distrust among the group. Hargreave contacted them and informed Prophet that a ship to take them off the island had arrived. Taking a shortcut through the alien ship, they discovered portals that transported them 18 hours back in time. Upon arriving at Hargreave's ship, however, the crew onboard opened fire, killing Helena and disabling Nomad, Psycho, and Prophet's suits.

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