Ji-Sung Lee
Portrayed by
Togo Igawa
Ji-Sung Lee
Korean People's Army

Colonel Ji-Sung Lee is a supporting character in Crysis Warhead.


2020 (Crysis Warhead)Edit

Colonel Lee was first seen during the opening cutscene, where he observed Psycho and the US marine invasion force. Lee later boarded the submarine that held the container Psycho was tracking. Psycho snuck onboard and was knocked out by the alien scout inside the container. When he awoke, he had been captured by Lee, who tied him to a chair and began torturing him with a special handheld device that sent electric currents through Psycho's nanosuit. Psycho asked why Lee wasn't following the Geneva Convention, but Lee explained that because the top-secret nanosuit is not a recognized uniform, the Geneva Convention does not apply to him. Psycho was saved from further torture when the submarine was frozen solid by the alien ship's creation of an ice sphere on the island.

Psycho pursued Lee and the container to a bridge, where Lee took a marine hostage on a helicopter. Lee asked for the container, saying that "theft is a crime," and when Psycho refused to hand it over, he threw the marine over the bridge. Psycho jumped off, grabbed the marine, and then held on to the bridge, but was forced to drop the marine to detonate the explosives on the bridge. He failed to stop Lee from flying off with the container, and the marine died, prompting Psycho to take out his anger on an unarmed Korean. Psycho managed to recover the container at the airfield, but encountered Lee again. Psycho killed Lee's guards and boarded the VTOL with Lee and O'Neill. As O'Neill piloted the VTOL with the container, Psycho and Lee dueled in the back, with Psycho eventually using Lee's own electrocution device against him. As Lee begged for mercy in Korean, Psycho repeated his earlier statement to Lee--"I'm British, you Muppet"--and then threw him out the back, where he landed on the tarmac and was killed by the alien warship.

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