"Lab Rat" is the fifth mission of Crysis 2.


Alcatraz arrives at Gould's lab, but finds that CELL has discovered it first and that Gould himself has moved to an apartment nearby. Gould instructs Alcatraz to break into the lab and destroy his computer, which contains the location of the apartment. He does so and fights off a CELL helicopter before making his way to Gould's location. Gould invites him in and begins scanning the nanosuit before realizing Alcatraz is not Prophet. He then sees a video file of Prophet explaining he has given the suit to Alcatraz and is killing himself. Gould notices some kind of alien technology is merging with the deeper parts of the suit, but his technology is not sufficient to figure it out. He explains Alcatraz should go to the CELL Nanotech Facility downtown and use their machinery. CELL forces attack the building and Alcatraz is knocked out a window.

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