The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a nation in east Asia. North Korea has a Communist government and is often portrayed villainously by Western nations. In Crysis, North Korea is one of the three major factions on the island. They invaded after learning of Dr. Rosenthal's team's discovery of an ancient power source that turned out to be an alien ship.

North Korea's invasion force consists of the Korean People's Army, or KPA, and they are the main enemies during the first half of the original game and throughout Crysis Warhead. The KPA is led by General Ri-Shan Kyong, and later Colonel Ji-Sung Lee. After the aliens revealed themselves, the KPA fled the island.


Standard KPA troopsEdit

Standard KPA troops are lightly armored, although variants with heavier armor exist. The main ground forces use FY71 assault rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns. They are also regularly equipped with pistols and, occasionally in Warhead, AY69 submachine guns. Certain KPA soldiers wield precision rifles from sniper towers or cliffs. Many KPA soldiers are also equipped with frag grenades and sometimes smoke grenades.

Korean nanosuit troopersEdit

Certain elite KPA troopers in General Kyong or Colonel Lee's batallions are equipped with nanosuits. They are described by Nomad as "cheap knock-offs." Nanosuit troopers in the original game are always equipped with either a precision rifle or a submachine gun, with the exception of several who use miniguns. In Warhead, nanosuit troopers always use precision rifles and submachine guns.

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