"Red Star Rising" is the fifth mission of Crysis 3.


Claire Fontanelli tells Prophet that CELL is planning to activate a protocol called "Red Star Rising," which involves the usage of a satellite called Archangel to redirect the world's energy grid into a powerful weapon that will annihilate the Ceph, as well as the rest of New York City. Prophet, Psycho, and Claire attack the CELL stronghold where the Archangel satellite is controlled. After disabling it, Karl Rasch is revealed to have been completely dominated by the Alpha Ceph, and lures it to the group. Channeling electrical energy from the Alpha Ceph, Rasch disables Prophet and severely wounds Claire, but Psycho saves them from imminent death. Prophet punches Rasch to rescue him from the brainwashing, but he urges them to leave without him and is killed by the Alpha Ceph.

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