"Relic" is the third mission of Crysis. Now that Raptor Team knows the location of Dr. Rosenthal, they head to the excavation site to rescue him.

Left BehindEdit

As Nomad and Prophet walk through the jungle, another flying creature grabs Prophet and flies off with him. A distraught Nomad receives a message from Major Strickland, the leader of the US marines waiting near the island, who offers to extract Nomad. Nomad refuses, saying he can complete the mission himself. Nomad raids another KPA outpost and destroys a jamming device for Strickland, then infiltrates a large KPA base with dozens of soldiers and retrieves more information from the military network. Nomad works his way through the jungles again, eventually finding the excavation site and research dome where Rosenthal is being held. Inside, he watches as Rosenthal argues with General Ri-Shan Kyong on a video feed, and both he and his captive daughter tries to convince Kyong to stop tampering with a seemingly deceased tentacled creature. Suddenly, the creature flashes, then the room is frozen solid, killing Rosenthal.


As night falls, Nomad uses vehicles and stealth to get through the massive KPA resistance between himself and the extraction point. When he finally arrives, he encounters KPA soldiers with nanosuits like his own, though he comments that they are "cheap knock-offs." When Nomad kills the nanosuit soldiers, he is extracted by a VTOL, which also contains Psycho.

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