Ri-Shan Kyong
Portrayed by
Hyunsoo Han
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Ri-Shan Kyong
Korean People's Army

General Ri-Shan Kyong is a supporting character in Crysis.


2020 (Crysis)Edit

When Nomad hacked into the KPA military network, he learned General Kyong was behind the invasion of the island. Prophet explained that Kyong "means business" and was very dangerous. Kyong was holed up in the mountain that secretly contained a giant alien ship, holding Helena Rosenthal and another researcher hostage. He demanded that Dr. Rosenthal continue working on a dangerous alien scout specimen, and the scout flash-froze the room, killing Rosenthal. Nomad later infiltrated the mountain but was captured by Kyong. Kyong shot Helena's colleague and opened the alien ship, which created an energy pulse that allowed Nomad to free himself and fight Kyong. Nomad successfully killed Kyong and evacuated Helena from the mountain. Kyong's place as commander of the KPA on the island was presumably taken by Colonel Ji-Sung Lee.

An infamous glitch present in earlier versions of the game allows the player to kill Kyong simply by throwing a barrel at him in strength mode. This glitch was removed in later patches.

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