Sean O'Neill
Portrayed by
Kal Weber
Sean O'Neill
United States Air Force (Unknown rank)
United States Air Force, Raptor Team

Sean O'Neill is a main character in Crysis Warhead.


2016 (Crysis Warhead)Edit

Four years prior to the events of Crysis, in the year 2016, Nomad, Psycho, and O'Neill were part of an unspecified training mission related to placement in the top secret US Army force called Raptor Team. O'Neill triggered a "Code Blue," military jargon for someone needing resusciation, often as a result of cardiac arrest. Indeed, a flatlining noise can be heard in the background during a recording of these events, in which Psycho angrily tries to get O'Neill to stop an unknown action, apparently related to a warhead, which is endangering Nomad's life. As a result, O'Neill was discharged from all US special forces programs and Nomad took his place in Raptor Team.

2020 (Crysis Warhead)Edit

On August 15, 2020, O'Neill was part of the Air Force and assisted in the invasion of the island. O'Neill argued with Commander Emerson about helping Psycho, but was shot down. Psycho went off mission to help O'Neill, much to Emerson's annoyance. O'Neill later tried to convince Emerson to let him use a VTOL to extract the alien scout container that Psycho had been chasing, and Emerson reluctantly agreed when Psycho convinced her it would be a good decision. O'Neill ran out of ammo and had to restock; while he was doing so, Psycho was nearly killed by Colonel Ji-Sung Lee. Psycho was angry at O'Neill for not being there to help, but forgave him. During the final battle at the airfield, O'Neill used a VTOL to distract the red alien hunter while Psycho destroyed it. O'Neill then began loading the container on the VTOL, but was confronted by Lee. Lee tried to shoot O'Neill, but discovered a cloaked Psycho was standing in the way. As O'Neill began to fly off with the container, Psycho and Lee fought in the back of the VTOL, and Psycho eventually defeated him, leaving him to the mercy of the alien warship. Psycho forgave O'Neill for the code blue incident, Emerson and O'Neill set aside their differences, and he flew the VTOL back to the carrier fleet.

O'Neill's fate is unclear. While the entire carrier fleet sank, a VTOL was known to have escaped before the battle. O'Neill may have been piloting this VTOL or he may have escaped at another time; it is unlikely a character of his status would have been simply killed offscreen.

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