Sherman Barclay
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Gil Martin
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Colonel Sherman Barclay
United States Marine Colonel
United States Marine Corps

Colonel Sherman Barclay is a supporting character in Crysis 2.


2023 (Crysis 2)Edit

Barclay is in charge of the evacuation of New York City, using the subway tunnels beneath Grand Central Station. He meets Alcatraz and Nathan Gould and orders Gould to leave the city because he is a civilian, despite Gould's objections. Alcatraz and Barclay work together to help the military escape the station after it comes under attack by the Ceph, and they engage in a massive battle with the aliens in the streets outside. Eventually, Barclay calls for VTOL support and the soldiers are airlifted out of Times Square. Jacob Hargreave contacts Barclay and requests that Alcatraz come to Roosevelt Island to rescue him, and Barclay reluctantly drops him off there. Later, Alcatraz meets up with Gould, Tara Strickland, and Chino, and they begin pushing their way to Central Park. Barclay contacts them and informs them that the Pentagon plans on nuking the city unless they stop the aliens in 30 minutes. Alcatraz does so, and Barclay presumably survives the battle.

He is a survivor of Ceph encounter in the Lingshan Islands, and told Alcatraz at Terminus that he saw Strickland die. Noting this, it is possible that he was one of the marines inside Nomad's VTOL as they were evacuating back to the USS Constitution.

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