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Andre Sogliuzzo
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United States Marine Corps Major
United States Marine Corps, Raptor Team

Major Strickland is a main character in Crysis.


2020 (Crysis)Edit

After Prophet was kidnapped by an alien scout, Nomad made contact with Major Strickland. Strickland initially told Nomad he could extract him from the island, but Nomad refused, wanting to complete the mission. Strickland became Nomad's radio contact and commanding officer. Nomad later encountered Strickland and other marines boarding tanks to siege the mountain where General Ri-Shan Kyong was located. After Nomad began exploring the alien ship hidden in the mountain, he relayed video feed of his discoveries to Strickland.

Nomad reunited with Prophet in the ice sphere and they escaped to the jungle, where they rescued Helena Rosenthal. However, an alien hunter appeared and began attacking the marines, including Strickland, who ordered an evacuation of the island. As Nomad boarded a VTOL, he realized the hunter would knock him out of the sky if he flew away. Strickland decided to distract the hunter with the turret gun of a nearby jeep; when asked how he planned to stop the creature, Strickland said his final words: "I'm a marine, son! I'll walk on water if I have to!," at which point he began firing on the hunter. As Nomad's VTOL flew away, he witnessed the hunter impale the jeep, causing it to explode and instantly kill Strickland, which greatly angered Nomad.

Strickland's daughter, Tara, was a Navy SEAL who became a CIA mole in Jacob Hargreave's inner circle and became a pivotal figure in the battle against the aliens three years later.

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