The United States of America is a country in North America and a world superpower. The US is a capitalist nation and is often portrayed postively in Western media. In the Crysis series, the US government orders a large, multi-branch invasion force to the island to battle the North Koreans, but they quickly begin fighting for their lives against a massive alien army.

The US is represented by a number of branches on the island.

United States ArmyEdit

Raptor Team, which consists of Nomad, Psycho, Prophet, Jester, and Aztec, is a special US Army Delta Force squadron sent to the island with nanosuits to retrieve Dr. Rosenthal's research team. Jester and Aztec are killed and Prophet is abducted by the aliens, escapes, begins acting strangely, and returns to the island, leaving Nomad, Psycho, and Helena Rosenthal to return for him.

Three years later, Colonel Barclay leads the evacuation of civilians from New York City.

United States Marine CorpsEdit

The marines invade the island on August 15, 2020, and are led on the ground by Major Strickland. Many marines were working their way up the mountain when the alien ship created the ice sphere, killing dozens. Many more marines were killed when evacuating the island, and those who were rescued are assumed to have been killed at the carrier fleet.

Alcatraz is a marine before he is given a nanosuit by Prophet.

United States NavyEdit

The navy is led by Admiral Richard Morrison, who commands the USS Constitution and two other carriers and six frigates. Commander Emerson is another high ranking navy member. The navy carrier fleet is completely destroyed by the aliens.

Tara Strickland was a Navy SEAL before she supposedly went crazy after the death of her father and joined CELL. In reality, she was working as an undercover CIA agent trying to bring down Hargreave-Rasch Biomedical from within.

United States Air ForceEdit

The air force bombards the island during the invasion. Sean O'Neill is a prominent member of the air force who assists Psycho.

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